Apache Ozone is a highly scalable, distributed storage for Analytics, Big data and Cloud Native applications. Ozone supports S3 compatible object APIs as well as a Hadoop Compatible File System implementation. It is optimized for both efficient object store and file system operations.

It is built on a highly available, replicated block storage layer called Hadoop Distributed Data Store (HDDS).

Applications using frameworks like Apache Spark, YARN and Hive work natively without any modifications.

Ozone is now Generally Available(GA) with 1.4.0 release.


Ozone is designed to scale to tens of billions of files and blocks and, in the future, even more.


Ozone is a strongly consistent distributed storage. This consistency is achieved by using protocols like RAFT.


Ozone is designed to work well in containerized environments like YARN and Kubernetes.


Ozone integrates with kerberos infrastructure for access control and supports TDE and on-wire encryption.

Multi-Protocol Support

Ozone supports different protocols like S3 and Hadoop File System APIs.

Highly Available

Ozone is a fully replicated system that is designed to survive multiple failures.