Ozone Admin

Ozone Admin command (ozone admin) is a collection of tools intended to be used only by admins.

And quick overview about the available functionalities:

  • ozone admin safemode: You can check the safe mode status and force to leave/enter from/to safemode, --verbose option will print validation status of all rules that evaluate safemode status.
  • ozone admin container: Containers are the unit of the replicaiton. The subcommands can help to debug the current state of the containers (list/get/create/…)
  • ozone admin pipeline: Can help to check the available pipelines (datanode sets)
  • ozone admin datanode: Provides information about the datanode
  • ozone admin printTopology: display the rack-awarness related information
  • ozone admin replicationmanager: Can be used to check the status of the replications (and start / stop replication in case of emergency).
  • ozone admin om: Ozone Manager HA related tool to get information about the current cluster.

For more detailed usage see the output of the --help.

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