From Source

  • Java 1.8
  • Maven

If you are a Hadoop ninja, and wise in the ways of Apache, you already know that a real Apache release is a source release.

If you want to build from sources, Please untar the source tarball (or clone the latest code from the git repository) and run the ozone build command. This instruction assumes that you have all the dependencies to build Hadoop on your build machine. If you need instructions on how to build Hadoop, please look at the Apache Hadoop Website.

mvn clean package -DskipTests=true

This will build an ozone-\<version\> directory in your hadoop-ozone/dist/target directory.

You can copy this tarball and use this instead of binary artifacts that are provided along with the official release.

To create tar file distribution, use the -Pdist profile:

mvn clean package -DskipTests=true -Pdist

How to run Ozone from build

When you have the new distribution, you can start a local cluster with docker-compose.

cd hadoop-ozone/dist/target/ozone-X.X.X...
cd compose/ozone
docker-compose up -d

How to test the build

compose subfolder contains multiple type of example setup (secure, non-secure, HA, Yarn). They can be tested with the help of robotframework with executing in any of the directories.