• docker and docker-compose
  • Download the Ozone binary tarball and untar it.

  • Go to the directory where the docker compose files exist and tell docker-compose to start Ozone in the background. This will start a small ozone instance on your machine.

cd compose/ozone/

docker-compose up -d

To verify that ozone is working as expected, let us log into a data node and run freon, the load generator for Ozone. The exec datanode bash command will open a bash shell on the datanode.

The ozone freon command is executed within the datanode container. You can quit freon via CTRL-C any time. The rk profile instructs freon to generate random keys.

docker-compose exec datanode bash
ozone freon rk

You can check out the OzoneManager UI at http://localhost:9874/ to see the activity generated by freon. While you are there, please don’t forget to check out the ozone configuration explorer.

Congratulations, You have just run your first ozone cluster.

To shutdown the cluster, please run

docker-compose down

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